Becoming a member is the most obvious way to support 100 Women Who Care 1000 Islands. If you know any philanthropists or organizations who would be able to provide support to help us continue to operate this wonderful group, we’d love to hear it.

Wish List

100 Women Who Care 1000 Islands operates on ZERO budget. All functions of the group are carried out by dedicated volunteers so that we may offer 100% of the money generated to a local charity.

That said, we do have some minor expenses that are also covered by generous donors. The following list provides a way for group members to provide financial support to our group if you choose.

Venue: Currently provided courtesy of the Brockville Country Club

Website fees: ~$115 USD per year (Currently sponsored by generous member Brenda Fraser)

Office supplies

Food and Drinks for meetings (ie. $200 for a group toast with Prosecco)

Door Prizes

Swag bag items - if you would like to provide samples or discounts to our members, please contact us to discuss.

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